Patrick Williams in Text

Here are some things you can get your hands on:



My first full-length poetry collection, published by Nine Mile Art Corp in 2021. Cover image by Mark Mulroney.

Purchase at Nine Mile's online store


Fifteen poems, eighteen pages. Surveillance center, planetarium, & Le Mans. Cold-war punchcard covers, vintage formfeed endpapers. Hand-numbered edition of 80. 3.5" x 3.25". Handmade & self-released.

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I created a one-of-a-kind artists book using a Pac-Man lunchbox, sound, and source code for Container's Multitudes series. You can purchase my piece directly from them for $350.

This item can now be found in the Art and Architecture Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan, call number N 7433.4 .W554 W49 2017.

Poet-Librarians in the Library of Babel: Innovative Meditations on Librarianship

I am thrilled to have an essay in this great collection, entitled "and lo! yr letter hit me hard: Connecting Poets' Lives & Works in Special Collections & Archives," along with a poem.

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IMPERFECT: poems about mistakes: an anthology for middle schoolers

I have a poem about Einstein making mistakes in this cool anthology for teens.

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Hygiene in Reading - $7

This chapbook contains 22 poems written with Edmund Burke Huey's 1908 volume The Psychology and Pedagogy of Reading; with a Review of the History of Reading and Writing and of Methods, Texts, and Hygiene in Reading as a source text. Each piece draws its language only from the words in a single chapter of that book. There's also a collage I made from the original illustrations.

Buy a copy at the Publishing Genius store!


Visual poem (orginally appearing in M58), in one of a variety of colors and shapes, randomly selected.

OHM SWEET OHM prints - $5

Two color screen print in 3 colorways based on the final cut on Kraftwerk's 1975 LP Radio-Activity; background image of the group from the reissue liner notes.


"This Reagent Tablet Looks Like A Cert I Totally Wanna Eat It" letterpress poster - $15; $5 domestic shipping

I made an edition of 22 of these 12"x"18 posters on a manual Vandercook press at the Cracker Factory in Geneva, New York during the summer of 2015. The text comes from a statement my Biology Lab partner made to me 20 years ago during my first semester of college, and it's better than any poem I'll ever write. Ships in a tube, signed & numbered.


A tshirt emblazoned with the same beautiful Corningware Cornflower that graced your every childhood caserole. You pick the size, I pick the color.


We Boo "Hey Jude" & You Can Too Zine - $5; free domestic shipping

A serialization of a nearly 60-tweet story about my experiences around September 11, 2001 I told on Twitter during my lunch hour in October 2015.

Fourteen Concordance Poems - $4; free domestic shipping

This little booklet contains 14 pieces from my Concordance Poems project. Comes in several cover/binding colorways, you'll get one randomly selected.

Conditioning mini-zine - $1; free domestic shipping

This is a one-sheet zine of my poem "Conditioning," which appeared in A Quiet Courage. Contains illustrations from some 60s science books. Free if you buy something else!

"I'm A Mess" Button - $2; free domestic shipping

Inspired by the marvelous Wreckless Eric, these buttons let you confess to strangers what they already know. I used to hand these out when I dj'd more regularly, so they have my dj name and url on them. Order one to find out what that was!