Patrick Williams in Text

Big chunk from Manual Random Hill

in Nine Mile, Fall, 2021

"A Magnet is the Opposite of a Bomb But What If You Are Both," "Soft Construction," "It Makes a Text," and "You Discoed Good, Babe"

in Nine Mile, November, 2020

5 pieces from Har___d Sen______

in Moonchild, July 2019

"Chic Cheer"

in Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 8, March 2019

In City Parks, In the Sour Void & New Age Downloads

in Burning House Press, November, 2018

I'm Not The Cosmos

in Vinyl, October, 2018

Suite of a dozen poems

in Nine Mile, March, 2018

This Reagent Tablet Looks Like a Cert I Totally Want to Eat It & Generic (for Lexapro)

in Bennington Review, January, 2018

I Can’t Believe You Exist

in Memoir Mixtapes Vol.1 / B-Sides, December, 2017

Ohm Sweet Ohm, On Ingest, & One Note Corpse Pose

in Moonchild, October, 2017

Every Eyelid Has Two Sides, Our Newspeak, & Leaving Laurelland

in The Occulum, October, 2017

The Greatest Critical Apparatus, Terrorgram, & Test Tube Babies

in Burning House Press, April, 2017

Impersonation & Manual Random Hill

in PUBLIC POOL, March, 2017

I'm a Sleepwalking Cheetah With a Heart Full of Lip Balm & Big Money for Broken Gold

in Sea Foam Magazine, February, 2017

The Broken Record I Want To Sound Like

in The Birds We Piled Loosely, January, 2017

Fluxes, The Light Running Fox, Resist the Smashing Impact of Truck Traffic, and two audio pieces

in Hot Tub Astronaut, November, 2016

The Official Jam of the Summer is the Startup Chime in My Hearing Aids, Comedown Music (for a Radio Shack Billboard), Comedown Music (for an Indexical), & Comedown Music (for a Casket)

in Glittermob, September, 2016

For the Caisson Dead

in Beech Street Review, August, 2016

That The Lake Would Still Be Frozen Had Not Occurred To Me, But Can't We Just Leave Tornado Alley Though, & Tinnitus News

in Posit 10, June, 2016

Comedown Music (for husks & hulls) & Comedown Music (for cabin pressure)

in Noble / Gas Qtrly 203.1, March, 2016

On Bruno, airborne in 1916 & Warm & Heavy

in Sick Lit Magazine, February, 2016

Comedown Music (for keratinocytes), Comedown Music (for a final fever), & Comedown Music (for a Marc Bolan poster)

in REALITY BEACH, January, 2016

Five Collages from Media & Methods

in Carbon Culture Review, January, 2016

An Elliot Gould Film on Loop at the Travel Plaza, Output Potential, Little Moon, Poem for a Pickup Window Decal, A Spell in Headline Form, Shanti 3304, City Room Summer, and Inlet

in fogmachine, November, 2015

In the Dark His Gestures Could Not Be Read, Contemporary Science Stories, The Habit-Forming Epoch, With Long Teeth and Upon Returning Later, Dealing with Youth, Imagery, After-image, Feeling, etc., and 'I am not a bird.'

in Jungftak, October, 2015

Hello All

in Third Point Press, September, 2015

Tiny Data In Large Supply

in Right Hand Pointing 90, September, 2015

Redactions (poem-comic)

in Heavy Feather Review 4.2 August, 2015
          [a finalist in the Gigantic Sequins
          2015 Winter Poetry Comic contest!]


in Incessant Pipe, August, 2015


in OTOLITHS, August, 2015

McKinley (6:16)

in The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, July, 2015

Moonburn City, Gravity, Dunkel Zauber, & Leave Me Your Slide Rule

in SOFTBLOW, July, 2015

At Sundown & In Cold Video

in BORT Quarterly, June 2015

We Are All Not, The Gray Man: A Listmania List, & Space Yam or Mandeltweak (Omnichord drone)

in Hot Tub Astronaut, May, 2015

Trace Latex

in Prelude, May, 2015

Conditioning & The Mending Apparatus

in A Quiet Courage, April, 2015

Necessary Facilities Improvements

in Heavy Feather Review, February, 2015

Ill Elvis in literal matte lilt, Look at actual distance. / Look repressed. & On N On O No!

in M58, January, 2015

How Do We Perceive Anything? & Auditory Recognition by General Forms

in Verdad, October, 2014

Disjecta Membra, Each City and Region For Itself, The Thought Reader, The Extreme Thrill of Simplicity, & Dynamogenesis

in Lime Hawk, October, 2014


in Bird's Thumb, October, 2014

Outside Avon

in NO INFINITE, September, 2014

Rumble (Road Trips, 97-99)

in Sundog Lit, September, 2014

Behavior Flows & Our Loop

in VAYAVYA, August, 2014


in here/there: poetry, August, 2014

The Gingerbread Method

in Cheap Pop, July 2014

Magnavox, 1986

in The Mackinac, July, 2014

Warm & Heavy (audio cut-up poem)

in FAKE POEMS, June, 2014


in Hot Metal Bridge, June, 2014

Ill Affordances, Monkey Jungle Flashback, & Many Parts Fall Into Backyards

in The Collapsar, June, 2014

Aurora Borealis

in Sliver of Stone, April, 2014

Dead Air is an Impossible Crime & Loop Current

in Pretty Owl Poetry, March, 2014

HCI_ZKUS, Use Systems, & Correction

in M58, February 2014

WYSIWYG, Your Kind Attention Please, Rental Period, & Fidelity Sound

in 3:AM Magazine, November 2013

Automatic Writing & New Telegraphy

in Word Riot, August 2013

Theory of Essential Storage

in The Metric, Issue 6, July 2013

Her Pose & On Departure

in Right Hand Pointing, Issue 65, July 2013